New remediation processes for soil and water


Perfluorinated and polyfluorinated tensides (PFT) are introduced into the environment due to their widespread industrial use, causing problems related to their critical properties. The sustainable protection of mankind and the environment regarding this group of substances is an important task for the future. However, available PFT cleaning and remediation processes are expensive and often inadequate. The aim of PerFluSan is to significantly contribute to solving this problem by developing new PFT remediation methods for soils and waters as well as innovative analytical methods for PFT detection. PFT-free extinguishing foams are also developed to reduce the highly relevant PFT pollution path through fluorinated extinguishing agents.

The long-term vision is to develop PerFluSan into a national contact point for PFT issues that addresses all aspects of the problem holistically, sustainably and efficiently using the synergies between the PerFluSan actors.